Jarrett Wendt (Panasonic) and Ken Sandfeld (SOLiD) speak on the NMG hosted panel to discuss the opportunities for commercial real estate companies as connectivity can be the bridge to a myriad of smart building solutions that reduce OPEX in the long-run. Watch now >

SOLiD Announces GENESIS DAS at Mobile World Congress

RCR's Sean Kinney speaks with Ken Sandfeld, President of SOLiD Americas, about SOLiD's GENESIS DAS announcement at Mobile World Congress and how it's changing the Middleprise.  Watch now >

Wireless With Woz

SOLiD President Ken Sandfeld sits down with legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to discuss changing wireless tech, Apple's early years, and emerging technologies. Watch Now >

SOLiD ALLIANCE Multi-Carrier DAS Solution

SOLiD ALLIANCE solutions support the some of the largest and heavily trafficked venues in the world.  From the New York Subway to the 147,000 seat Daytona Speedway, ALLIANCE delivers the power and the price point. Learn more >