SOLiD USA and SOLiD Global are now one.

“For several years two winning teams have been working together to solve the wireless industry’s densification challenges. Today these teams are one team… ONE SOLiD. It’s an exciting and important step in continuing to advance SOLiD’s success and growth in both the North American and global wireless markets. Together, as “ONE SOLiD”, we are stronger, better positioned and armed with a broader portfolio to accomplish great things.” 

Ken Sandfeld

SUNNYVALE, CA and SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – January 20, 2016 – SOLiD Inc., a South Korean-based manufacturer of wireless equipment, has significantly extended its international presence by purchasing those assets of REACH Holdings related to REACH’s role as SOLiD’s exclusive North American partner. SOLiD is a fast-growing leader in densifying wireless networks through a portfolio of advanced RF Amplifier, RF Radio and Optical Transport solutions.

“This acquisition strengthens our position in North America, the largest market in the world for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) products, while also serving as the launchpad for our global growth strategy in wireless infrastructure.” Read More >

RCR’s Martha DeGrasse interviews newly-appointed president for SOLiD Americas, Ken Sandfeld: