SOLiD Technologies Proposes Formation Of Public Safety Shared DAS Coalition

Company calls upon public safety organizations, building owners and wireless industry to create a national policy framework to establish universal indoor public safety radio coverage

February 1, 2012 (Roseburg, OR) — Seth Buechley, President of SOLiD Technologies USA, called upon wireless industry peers today during a presentation at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to form a Shared DAS Coalition to establish a national policy framework for ensuring universal indoor coverage for public safety radio service. The Coalition, to consist of national Wireless Service Providers (WSPs), national Public Safety Organizations, national Wireless Infrastructure Trade Associations, and national Building Owner Trade Associations, would seek to require Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to accommodate public safety radio frequencies and develop an accredited certification program for technicians responsible for deploying DAS networks that serve Public Safety, Commercial Cellular, and Two-Way Radio.

According to Mr. Buechley, technology and funding are not obstacles for achieving universal public safety indoor coverage. Rather, it is the alignment of stakeholder interests including Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), Building Owners, WSPs, and First Responders. 
“We already have the tools to effectively solve this problem,” said Mr. Buechley. “WSPs are rapidly deploying DAS networks in high-traffic venues to better serve their customers. Meanwhile, AHJs are driving adoption and enforcement of national codes. In response, Building Owners are requesting that the WSPs select DAS networks that also provide public safety radio service to comply with the AHJ codes. And the incremental cost to make a DAS public safety-ready is nominal.”
The key challenges are that public safety radio coverage is an unfunded and generally unbudgeted mandate and that there is no common certification process for the installation of active DAS solutions that share services with other WSPs, public safety, or two-way radio. 
The Public Safety Shared DAS Coalition proposes that:
  • National and local jurisdictions convert from an “unfunded mandate” to a “when-funded mandate.”  When a WSP or building owner deploys a DAS to enhance WSP services, a permitting process should require the DAS installed to accommodate public safety radio at the frequencies utilized locally. National WSPs and the Public Safety community should publish national policies supporting compliance to the “when-funded” mandate.
  • The wireless industry and the public safety community support the development of an accredited certification program for technicians responsible for deploying DAS that serves Public Safety, Commercial Cellular, and Two-Way Radio.
“The Shared DAS Coalition is about sharing the responsibility of providing public safety coverage indoors and eliminating obstacles,” added Mr. Buechley. “The proposed model works because it aligns stakeholder interests whereby the WSPs provide a DAS that facilitates public safety and the building owners and the public safety community pay the costs to deploy and manage the signal source.”
“I am calling upon our peers to join SOLiD Technologies in solving this very solvable problem.”
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