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All Our Bags Are Packed, We’re Ready To Go!

By Mike Collado
September 11th, 2013

After a brief summer respite, the industry conferences and events are cranking up in earnest. And so are we.

(Actually, we stayed plenty busy, thank-you very much, at the key sports venues and public-safety solutions conferences held during the warmer months)

Conferences are one of the best ways in which we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. They’re where we present the solutions and initiatives we’re incubating to customers, partners, industry luminaries and peers. And where we engage and advance myriad strategic relationships.

This fall, we will continue to bring thought leadership to solve difficult problems that include network densification (the delivering wireless coverage and capacity when and where smartphone users are to ensure quality of service) and in-building public-safety communications.

Here’s where we plan to be in the coming months. Be sure to check our Event Calendar for updates and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with us at events where we’re attending.

(We’ve also included some cool photos of public-safety vehicles from yesteryear that were on display from APCO)

BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition

SOLiD Certified Partner Connectivity Wireless leads the pre-conference seminar Future Trends Driving Demand for In-Building Wireless (Distributed Antenna Systems) to discuss how DAS delivers a reliable and efficient means to expand coverage and capacity for cellular and public-safety communications at buildings, campus and venues. The session explores the DAS deployment of SOLiD solutions at Daytona International Speedway. Connectivity will showcase SOLiD gear during the seminar and in their booth (#120).

SOLiD re-joins AGL in Chicago to participate on the Small Cell, DAS, Wi-Fi – the New Wireless Frontier panel to explore the latest technology trends in the deployment of multiple, smaller coverage area nodes. As analyst Iain Gillott points out in a free new white paper that examines technologies for enabling the Het-Net, it’s going to be a tool-box approach:

From iGR’s perspective, the het-net deployment is inevitable – the industry will have to move in this direction to meet the bandwidth demands in the next few years. It is also clear that the industry will solve the issues, although some challenges will take longer than others.

iGR believes that the majority of the initial outdoor small cell deployments in the U.S. will be remote radio heads connected to the baseband units that are hosted in a central, secure location (the term used to describe the architecture is ‘fronthaul’). A backhaul connection will then connect the baseband units to the EPC. This architecture is discussed in more detail in the next section. Note that several major mobile operators are planning major small cell deployments in the next two years using a combination of DAS, RRH, metrocells and WiFi.

Canadian Wireless Trade Show

SOLiD returns to the Canadian Wireless Trade Show to present the session Enabling Wireless Communications at Busy Mass Transit Venues. Drawing upon experience in deploying DAS at two of the world’s largest and busiest subways systems (New York City Subway and Seoul Metro), we’ll share case study examples and explore how airports and subways are addressing cellular capacity and public-safety coverage needs. SOLiD Certified Partner Alliance Corporation will showcase SOLiD DAS solutions in their booth (#400).

Northeast DAS + Small Cell Forum Fall Conference

If you had to pick one reason to go to a Northeast DAS & Small Cell Forum event it’s for networking – they put on a great happy hour! But there’s much more… SOLiD is an Annual Platinum Sponsor because the Forum gathers wireless industry partners, customers and peers to exchange thought leadership. We’re back to join a panel to examine the cost benefits of deploying DAS and Small Cells during the ROI Analysis (Does a DAS or Small Cell Network Deployment Pay?) session. Be sure to stop by SOLiD’s tabletop to hear about our latest projects and initiatives including New York City Subway, Empire State Building and a nearby DC stadium whose team’s name rhymes with “Bats”.

The Wireless Infrastructure Show

PCIA’s flagship event has successfully morphed from an event once-focused on “big iron” macro tower infrastructure to one that addresses today’s need for placing radios close to where smartphone users are. Under the stewardship of Jonathan Adelstein who joined SOLiD at APCO to explore strategies for applying wireless technology to ensure in-building communications for the public and first responders, PCIA also seeks to be a vendor representative for driving RF best-practices. This year, we’re back to challenge the status quo and explore how wireless strategies and technologies will evolve to address future capacity requirements indoors and outdoors during the Evolution of DAS panel. (Hint: flexible and scalable carrier-grade infrastructure is about to take center stage…)

Your Turn…

So what is the most important industry event you will attend this Fall? More importantly, what is the hottest topic the industry is NOT currently talking about?


Compton, CA Engine Company


Anaheim, CA Police Department


Orange County, CA Sheriff Department


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