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All Work and No Play…

By Mike Collado
June 24th, 2013

SOLiD Teambuilding Event

Senior members of Team SOLiD just returned from an intense week in Beaver Creek where we engaged in focused and spirited discussions on building upon the momentum of record revenue growth in 2012 and fine-tuning our short- and long-term gameplan to lead the markets we serve with best-in-class products and services which we committed to at our 2013 Company Kickoff.

(We figured that by training at altitude we’d significantly increase our competitive advantage!)

Now, we’ve all been to these meetings before: the excruciatingly long days; death by PowerPoint; and meandering discussions…

But not for us. Our time together was both invigorating and invaluable.

That’s because most of our senior team is virtual, which is one of the things that makes SOLiD unique – we cherry-pick top talent and don’t get hamstrung by geographic locations.

Sure, we do a lot of GoToMeetings. And although team members frequently see one another at conferences and customer meetings, our focus there is outward.

So amazing things happen when our senior team gathers with the inward purpose of advancing our company.

But a funny happened which we didn’t even plan for.

Curiously, it didn’t happen in the meeting room. And it didn’t happen at dinner.

Instead, it happened while whitewater rafting in the headwaters of the Colorado River on our “play day.”

That’s where our already close-knit team grew even closer because whitewater rafting requires everyone to work together and to look out for one another.

Each raft reported the same experience:

“We paddled as a team to get where we needed to go and to stay out of harm”

“Each of us committed to making sure everyone in our raft stayed in the raft”

We’re all now back in our respective offices. We’ve got the quarter to close and key initiatives to implement.

But we have the full confidence of knowing we’re stronger and more unified than ever before.

BTW, a shout-out to the team at Sage Outdoor Adventures who prepared us for the challenges of the whitewater!


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