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Another First for SOLiD: Cutting the Ribbon

By Mike Collado
September 23rd, 2013

You know what’s great about working at a high-energy, fast-growing entrepreneurial company?


Case in point: Last week, Sunnyvale Mayor Anthony Spitaleri and Pastor Jorge Marsal of New Hope International Church joined some of Team SOLiD for a ceremonial ribbon cutting at our U.S. Headquarters.

(Anyone who’s been with a company that has made the leap from shared or leased office space to one that is customized can relate to this excitement)

The event was both validating and inspiring…

Validating because SOLiD has earned its place here among the best of the best in Silicon Valley.

Inspiring because, even though we’ve accomplished so much in so little time, we know the real work is just beginning.

And it’s another first that embodies what makes life at SOLiD so exhilarating.

The Path We’re On

It’s no secret that we’ve been on a tear.

Last year, we tripled our revenue and doubled the size of our team.

In April, we joined Transit Wireless, New York dignitaries, plus executives from Wireless Operators, Boingo Wireless and other wireless companies to celebrate the launch of cellular and Wi-Fi service in 36 underground stations of the New York City Subway.

This Spring, we built out our new U.S. Headquarters which triples the size of our warehouse and logistical space where we pre-configure our solutions to simplify deployment of SOLiD gear in the field and fulfill orders within days. It houses our state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides sophisticated monitoring and proactive incident resolution for DAS and Optical Transport deployments. And it is the home of the SOLiD University™ training classroom where we conduct RF training and SOLiD product certification courses for our partners.

SOLiD's Chip Laughton and Seth Buechley with Mayor Anthony Spitaleri and Pastor Jorge Marsal Touring the U.S. Headquarters

Earlier this year, we achieved the equivalent of a Grand Slam: SOLiD now provides DAS solutions at leading stadiums within each of the professional leagues and at major universities.

And we continued to provide thought leadership by engaging the building owners, carriers and the public-safety industry at APCO to advance strategies for applying wireless technology to ensure in-building communications for the public and first responders.

New milestones continue for SOLiD as we amass record revenue months and quarters. It’s both an exciting and humbling time.

More Work To Be Done

Pastor Marsal reminded us that with success comes responsibility to innovate and improve, and to give back to the community.

We’re actively innovating our densification solutions to meet future capacity and coverage demands. As iGR analyst Iain Gillott states in his recent report (Fronthaul: The New Paradigm for Enabling the Het-Net) solving for densification requires a tool-box approach. To achieve this, we’re incubating an all-optical infrastructure that will deliver carrier-grade capacity and enterprise-ready converged services.

We’re also challenging ourselves to identify ways to raise the bar. This includes improving our training programs to arm our partners with best-practices. Plus offering Professional Services to assist our partners and customers as needed to implement and manage their SOLiD DAS network. And of course white glove support to respond to and deliver help when our customers need it.

Lastly, it means becoming an active part of the community and giving back.

But it was Mayor Spitaleri who highlighted a key industry need: public-safety communications interoperability.

Mayor Spitaleri

Having 36 years of service with the Palo Alto Fire Department, the mayor is passionate about public-safety.

He observed the need for joint responsibility whereby building owners, carriers and the public-safety industry work collaboratively toward ensuring that the general public and first responders can communicate inside a building in the event of an emergency.

Through our public-safety solutions and the work of the Safer Buildings Coalition, we’re committed to enabling in-building public-safety communications.

SOLiD President Seth Buechley with Sunnyvale Mayor Anthony Spitaleri


Have you paid us a visit yet in Sunnyvale? Contact us and we’ll show you around!

Your Turn

Tell us about your building ribbon-cutting ceremony – who attended?

Also, how does your company give back to the community?

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