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California Dreaming

By Mike Collado
February 9th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.43.35 AMTeam SOLiD gathered last week for our annual meeting and team building event in sunny Santa Cruz which provided welcome relief to team members located in significantly colder and snowier locales.

(Thanks to Seascape Beach Resort for hosting us and Synergy Learning Systems for the team building sessions)

Our 2014 company meeting informed that we expect something grand which manifested in our celebrating another record-setting year in revenue and headcount as well as the launch of the ALLIANCE 5W DAS Remote and CityDAS Pole; marquee wins including University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium; participating in the general sessions at PCIA’a Wireless Infrastructure Show and then premiering our latest video before the keynote; implementing our ACT33 process to ensure expedited field deployments; partnering with Hutton Communications, Graybar and Panduit; opening our Denver office; plus many other milestones and initiatives!

For 2015, we’re embarking upon a new journey.

We observe that to many, the journey is a means to reach a destination. However, we argue that the journey is as important – if not more important – than the destination itself.

(Robert Hastings nailed this concept in the poem “The Station”)

Which is why we’re continuing to be guided by our core values; attracting, nurturing and empowering top talent; listening to the market and our customers to solve big problems; and delivering on our promises.

We’re now back in our offices – focused, readied and energized to begin the journey.

We look forward to seeing you in the marketplace!



An breathtaking start to an amazing week



Seth Buechley inviting us to the journey



Ken Sandfeld sharing our maps for the journey



Eric Carey describes new services and support initiatives



Dennis Rigney shares the 2015 sales goal (not pictured – the sales team all fainted)



Listening intently



Team building exercise: planning and adapting



Team leaders were distinguished by fashionable boas during team building exercise



Evening reception after an “all-in” first day



Eli Fischer, Matt Atkins, Mike Collado, Seung Jong Kim



Dennis Rigney, Hitesh Kshatriya, Randy Ryan, Ken Sandfeld, David Bledsoe, Chris Graff



Gary Wilson, Kevin Vierling, Chip Laughton


photo 7

The rowdy table



Day #2 – we worked, really



Teambuilding exercises



No peeking: Build a tent blindfolded based on instructions from your teammates



The mission: build a trebuchet to launch water ballons… what could go wrong?



Filling water balloons: sure, no one’s going to wind up getting wet…



Celebratory bonfire



Sunsetting another great company event

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