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Capacity, Convergence & Public-Safety at 2013 Wireless Infrastructure Show

By Mike Collado
October 13th, 2013

PCIA's Jonathan Adelstein

Perhaps no phrase better sums up the state of the wireless industry than Jonathan Adelstein’s (President and CEO at PCIA) declaration,  “You’re at the right place at the right time” in his opening remarks during the first day keynote sessions at the 2013 Wireless Infrastructure Show.

Think about it…

There’s the “Capacity Tsunami” to which Stephen Bye (CTO and SVP of Technology Development & Corporate Strategy at Sprint) poignantly noted in his keynote address, “Every capacity prediction is wrong.”

(See Sprint’s Vision of a Connected Mobile Lifestyle video from the keynote presentation and our blog posts on the capacity hockey stick here and here.)

You’ve got the “Densification Debate” which, according to Nick Hulse (President at Boingo Wireless), is solved through layered architectures, not a single solution. In other words, Het-Nets, where it’s not the winner-take-all choice between Small Cells, DAS or Wi-Fi as some have suggested but, instead, choosing the right tool for the right job.

(See our blog post on densification here)

And, finally, there is the challenge of ensuring the safety of both the general public and first responders through a high-speed, nationwide network dedicated to public-safety. While the $7 billion appropriated to build the network seems like a ton of money, it’s sobering to understand that wireless operators invest multiples of that sum to maintain their networks. As FirstNet General Manager Bill D’Agostino shared in his keynote, achieving the vision of FirstNet requires a balance between public and private partnership.

(See our recent public-safety videos here, here, here and here)

These are big problems to be solved and we wholeheartedly agree with Jonathan that it is an exciting time to be in the wireless industry!

As we’ve come to expect, the Wireless Infrastructure Show provided an ideal backdrop for both reengaging with customers and partners and initiating new relationships.

Throughout each day and late into the evenings, the lobby area buzzed with meetings. The receptions were packed including the Opening Reception (featuring a salsa band, Latin dancers and cigars hand-rolled on the balcony), the President’s Reception (aboard the Caprice at Diplomat Landing) and Gala (which went strong ’til midnight).

Kudos to PCIA for also including ancillary topics on the agenda including “The Connected Car” (which became jokingly referred to as “The Connected Bar” by our friend Kevin Swank) and “Opportunities in Rail Transportation” (where we joined our customer Bill Bayne at Transit Wireless and long-lost pal Ed Myers) to explore a mash-up of both above and below-ground opportunities in wireless. We strongly believe that tackling topics within other industry sandboxes provides significant value for wireless conference participants.

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