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Climbing the Mountain

By Mike Collado
November 6th, 2014

Team SOLiD celebrated Founder’s Day today which marks 16 years since the company’s inception in Seoul, Korea.

The cornerstone of the celebration includes climbing a nearby mountain Рan activity which symbolizes our collective determination and ambition as an organization.



Dr. Joon Chung (Chairman) addresses the team



Seth Buechley (President, North America) and Dr. Seung Hee Lee (CEO)



Ken Sandfeld (EVP, North America), Seth Buechley & Seung Hee Lee



Jung Hoon Kim (Vice President, Global Sales), Henry Woo (Senior Vice President), Seth Buechley, Ken Sandfeld, Dr. Joon Chung & Dr. Seung Hee Lee



Henry Woo, Ken Sandfeld, Jung Hoon Kim & Dr. Byung Joo Yoo (General Manager, Japan)



Ken Sandfeld & Seung Jong Kim (Global Sales Director)

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