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COMPTEL PLUS Wrap-Up: Telco 2.0 and the Blurring Line Between Wireline & Wireless

By Mike Collado
October 15th, 2012

In support of our optical transport solution – INFINITY ACCESS™ – Team SOLiD attended last week’s COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2012 Convention & EXPO in Dallas.

This conference has traditionally been all about the wireline industry. Specifically, the competitive communications service providers (i.e., CLECs) and their supplier partners.

However, the conference demonstrated that the line between wireline and wireless is blurring. Just consider the inclusion of Wireless Backhaul and Small Cells on the agenda – topics which were session at the recent Wireless Infrastructure Show where SOLiD presented.

Wireless at COMPTEL?

It’s interesting to note that a non-traditional topic – Wireless Backhaul – was literally standing room-only!

This discussion explored supporting legacy 2G/3G networks, addressing latency, ring protection and synchronization while offering integrated solutions to support 4G/LTE.

And, although, Small Cells are likely 12 to 24 months away from being deployed in significant numbers, it was on the agenda. The message? Small Cells are coming and the industry needs to get ready.

As further evidence of the blurring line between wireline and wireless, a key theme throughout the conference was bandwidth.

For most of 2012, wireless conferences have shown hockey-stick charts that predict bandwidth consumption and have used terms such “tsunami” to describe the magnitude of the need and potential shortage crisis. Attendees at COMPTEL PLUS were introduced a new term to describe the bandwidth dilemma: “capacity cliff” (as in the “fiscal cliff” the politicians in the US throw around).


For some time now, SOLiD has talked about the concept of convergence…

Within the DAS industry, in-building wireless platforms have evolved to converge multiple wireless operators onto a neutral host DAS.

To support of public-safety code requirements, SOLiD converges both commercial cellular and public-safety communications on a single DAS platform.

Next-generation DAS architecture will converge even more services and applications – both digital and analog – such as cellular, WiFi, public-safety and other applications such as RFID, building automation and more.

So what COMPTEL is describing is literally a convergence between the enabling of capacity (wireline) and the delivery of communication services (wireless).

Telco 2.0

Keynote speaker Larissa Herda, CEO at tw telecom, aptly termed the trends that are driving growth, innovation and change within the telecom industry as Telco 2.0.

(Read the Show Daily summary here for more on the keynote presentation)

These carriers are beginning to develop and operate in a new business model – one where the path forward is not about purpose-built networks but, instead, converged and integrated solutions that will be more intelligent, scalable and provide more and better coverage.

Your Turn

Did you attend COMPTEL PLUS? What stood out as particularly interesting to you?

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