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DAS Congress Wrap-Up & Photos

By Seth Buechley
June 1st, 2011

We are  grateful for the warm reception we received from our industry colleagues at the DAS Congress event in Las Vegas.   Not only did we throw a heck of a party for our friends, but we had over 100 of the industry’s top leaders complete training at the SOLiD Learning Center!   Not only did we have some bright people from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint (T-Mo skipped the event) but we had a lot of folks who were exploring how to jump in to this exciting DAS space.  Aside from the hosted bar I think our most popular station may have been our DWDM PON laser that forms the foundation of our Next Generation Digital platform.  The other big hit was the expansion of our Multi-Carrier DAS platform to include 5W and 20W remotes that share a common head-end and integrated OAM.  (turns out no other outdoor solution offers that feature though they’ve been winning projects based on that claim… tsk tsk)

After the show we had a great time at the iBwave social getting to know even more of our partners and the industry’s brightest.  We think iBwave is doing some great work that is benefiting us all.

Below are some pictures of the event and we hope to get a chance to meet you as our Bringing LTE to Life Tour moves on down the road!

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