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Getting on Our Game Face for SEAT 2013

By Seth Buechley
August 2nd, 2013

SEAT Conference

Let’s admit it: trade shows can be a real chore…

The packing. The flying. The booth obligations.

You know the drill.

An event that truly energizes me is SEAT 2013.

Focused on Sports and Entertainment technology, this is the premier event for sports venue CIO and IT leaders.

Aside from the natural allure of big-time sports and stadiums, this event differentiates itself by creating a real community of stakeholders better than any event I’ve ever sponsored or attended.

Through closed-door (no vendors allowed) and open panel discussions, participants share their passion for sports and technology by talking about real problems, real progress, and lessons learned.

Last summer, I blogged about the top IT issues raised by SEAT presenters and attendees which included (1) Analytics; (2) Mobile and; (3) Data Security.

This time around at SEAT 2013, I predict the following concerns and themes:

  1. Some arm-wrestling between venues owners and wireless operators on who should fund Wi-Fi systems in stadiums and arenas.
  2. Continued commiserating on the lack of mobile analytics. Just how do we manage the mobile experience when venues haven’t the foggiest idea what the mobile user actually experiences?
  3. Implementing a vision for league /conference technology consistency across multiple stadium types and ownership scenarios.


While it may sound self-serving coming from wireless communications executive, I observe that mobile is at the heart of nearly everyone’s vision for the next-generation of stadium technology and the truly delighted fan.

Based upon the findings from the soon-to-be-released “State of the Stadium Technology Survey,” a joint project from Mobile Sports Report and SEAT, ┬áit’s clear that while we’ve come far in the sports venue industry, we still have much to do still to keep fans connected to their favorite team and the world outside the venue.

We’ll be tweeting live from SEAT 2013 and posting a re-cap after the event. Follow us at @solidusa and check back here for more of the inside story.

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