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IWCE Wrap-up: D Block & Making Buildings Safer

By Mike Collado
February 27th, 2012

Team SOLiD rolled into Las Vegas for the IWCE 2012. It’s always one of our favorites because we get to talk directly with the Public Safety community to hear their concerns and ideas.

This year’s event was particularly energized since it happened to coincide with a Presidential signature allocating the 700 Mhz D Block for a new national Public Safety network using LTE. The network will be initially funded at $7B with oversight coming from the NTIA.

We had the privilege of listening to Marty Cooper, the inventor of the cellular phone, as he opened up with the keynote address. May we all be as feisty, hopeful, and creative in our golden years!

Mr. Cooper had some bold ideas. One that surely caught the audience’s ear was the idea that our spectrum policies are deeply flawed and showing favoritism towards companies with money. Some needs like the D-block transcend money.

He also believes that spectrum, through technology, will become trillion of times more useful over time through sharing techniques that eliminate interference. This capability, perhaps most importantly, would also eliminate the need for the FCC – a notion the crowd seems to relish.

Pointing out that the first radios could transmit 1/6 of a bit of data per second, Mr. Cooper noted that data speeds have doubled every 2.5 years since that time…for 110 years.

And finally, the key idea that I will take away is that wireless communication has the ability to change human behaviors. Since I was carrying two batteries in my pocket all week, I think I agree!

To begin our week, we sat down with our friends at MissionCritical Communications to explain a bit about the newly-formed Public Safety Shared DAS Coalition. The Coalition charter has been refined and formalizing membership benefits and opportunities is underway.

The vision of the Public Safety Shared DAS Coalition is: “Making Buildings Safer”. Our Focus Areas are:

  1. Creating Awareness: Through media, events, and educational content
  2. Developing Policy: Providing code language and enforcement templates to local AHJs
  3. Establishing Certification: Through DAS installation guidelines and a certified inspection certification


Our friends at the DAS Forum also coordinated a panel on the final day of the conference to spread the message of how DAS improves the delivery of Public Safety radio. The panel ran a bit on the technical side but Greg Glenn of TriPower showed that a converged DAS system with proper filtering is the preferred method of eliminating potential RF interference when compared to two systems often managed by two parties.

SOLiD shared our vision of the Public Safety Shared DAS Coaliton which aligns multiple interests including Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and Building Owners as well as Public Safety and Wireless Industry stakeholders.



Should you have additional ideas or questions about SOLiD’s Public Safety programs or the work of the Public Safety Shared DAS Coalition, please share them in the comments section below.

What stood out for you a IWCE? Thanks for reading and subscribing!

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