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Live from 4G World in Chicago

By Seth Buechley
October 21st, 2010

Always glad to be in Chicago in the fall.   I’m told the first two weeks in October are reliably good, so keep that in mind for your next trip to the Windy City.

4G World is still a bit WiMax-centric due to its origins, but the broadening base of players and the practical experiences gained through early 4G deployments, WiMax and LTE,  makes for some great industry feedback.   We  love the fact that the two areas of focus for SOLiD –   DAS and cell backhaul,  are red-hot and growing.

Word of the week = capacious.   Hostess from Yankee group dropped that one on the crowd and it describes the kind of networks we’ll be needing to allow these smart-phones to deliver what customers want.

Met a guy from Atlanta looking for a a job in Kansas so he can be near a girl.  His company analyzes network usage and provides feedback to carriers so they can “manage” (throttle down) certain wireless users and guide their efforts better.   He explained how 10,000 cabbies in NY running Pandora on their iPhones presents a problem.  Cabbie is happy.  Pandora is happy.  Apple is happy.  AT&T, not so much.

Making these killer networks profitable was a key focus of a keynote from Ashraf Dahod, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Mobile Internet Technology Group.  He’s certifiably smart because he sold Starent to Cisco for bank.  He posed this question:  If wireless is a utility, what other utility charges a fixed fee and lets the customer consume as much as they want?  Now that is a good question.

To a recent forum discussion on whether or not Femtos will replace DAS,  I posed my own question:  Did the Automobile replace the Train?

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