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Making Safer Buildings Through Wireless Technology

By Mike Collado
May 23rd, 2012

Seth Buechley - DAS Congress

Just as the plumbing system in your house fills your bathtub and runs your shower, why shouldn’t the same Distributed Antenna System (DAS) be used to support commercial cellular and public safety radio┬áservice?

That’s the challenge attendees heard earlier today in the “Establishing Universal Indoor Public Safety Radio Coverage” session at ACI’s 5th Annual DAS Congress.

And it’s the thesis of the Safer Buildings Coalition – a non-profit founded by SOLiD that seeks to ensure that public safety radio services be made available anywhere cellular signals are delivered through a DAS.

Here are some highlights from the presentation:



Safer Buildings Coalition - Key Challenges


Safer Buildings Coalition - Problems to be Solved


Safer Buildings Coalition - Stakeholders


Safer Buildings Coalition - Solutions


Safer Buildings Coalition - Charter


Safer Buildings Coalition - Founding Member Candidates




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