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Team SOLiD Celebrates 19th Anniversary!

By Kaila Sangester
November 3rd, 2017

Team SOLiD celebrated National Foundation Day by hiking a nearby mountain in Seoul, Korea. Despite the inclement weather, the team worked together and reached the peak of the mountain, symbolizing the organization’s collective desire and determination to achieve success.

Known traditionally as Gaecheonjeol, which translates as “Opening Sky Day” or “Festival of the Opening of Heaven, National Foundation Day is part of a rich history celebrating the central foundation myth of the ancient Korean kingdom of Gojoseon. The national holiday and the historical myth upon which it is based have an integral part of the Korean national identity. Take a look below to see how team SOLiD celebrated Founder’s Day this year, which marks 19 years since the company’s inception in Seoul, Korea.


Yong Hoon Kang, Scott Deweese (VP, Services and Support), Karl Schneider (CFO), Tim Moynihan (VP, Marketing), Barbara Ureste (Director, HR), Ken Sandfeld (President), Hitesh Kshatriya (VP, Operations)


Yong Hoon Kang, Scott Deweese (VP, Services and Support), and Karl Schneider (CFO)


Team SOLiD!


Left – Henry Woo (COO), Ken Sandfeld (President), Hitesh Kshatriya (VP, Operations), Tim Moynihan (VP, Marketing) Sang Chol Shin and Byung Ju Yoo Right – Karl Schneider (CFO), Barbara Ureste (Director, HR), Joon Chung and Dae Young Kim

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