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Bringing LTE to Life With Verizon

By Seth Buechley
January 26th, 2011

Last week Team SOLiD had the privilege of launching our Bringing LTE to Life tour as a presenting sponsor at Verizon’s In-Building Technical Update Forum.  I’m told we were the Belle of the Ball and, quite frankly, I think we may have caught some of our competitors flat-footed with how seriously we’re taking the opportunity with Verizon.   I’m sure they’ll recover.

SOLiD is a LTE lab-certified partner with Verizon and joining the distinguished peer group at this invitation-only event is a real honor.  It seems that Verizon is embracing more Multi-Carrier DAS (what we do now) and we are launching a Single-Carrier DAS (what they do now).  Should make for a fun 2011 when we meet in the middle.

We had a breakthrough week training 56 of Verizon’s brightest engineers plus several dozen of the nation’s leading DAS integrators and service providers.  We gave away a Galaxy Tablet each day to a guest who visited our unique SOLiD Learning Center and completed each of four stations.

The SOLiD Learning Center in session

Station #1 – our Single-Carrier DAS available end of Q1.  Priced competively with simple SiSo / MiMo configurations to support LTE roll-outs.

Station #2 – SOLiD University, an online training program that incorporates video, animation, and learning science to create a memorable learning experience.

Station #3 – our market-leading Multi-Carrier DAS capable of Public Safety, 3G and 4G and MiMo over a single fiber.

Station #4 -the DAS Management system (DMS) that delivers the network intelligence and tools for managing a DAS after deployment.

It was a fun, intense conference at a unique time for Verizon.  With the iPhone launch just around the corner and AT&T making an aggressive move at “venue dominance”, it will be thrilling to see how “big red” organizes themselves to meet the growing demand for in-building data.

Look for the Bringing LTE to Life tour coming your way soon…

Bringing LTE to Life tour launch

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