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SOLiD Technologies Presenting at DAS in Action Event

By Mike Collado
April 5th, 2012

We’re presenting on the “Building Codes, Public Safety and DAS” panel discussion on Tuesday, April 10 at 2:15pm during the DAS in Action Conference presented by PCIA and the DAS Forum at the Marriott Marquis Atlanta.

We look forward to the opportunity to engage the audience which includes wireless operators, integrators and building owners to explore how to make buildings safer.

We recently proposed the formation of a coalition that brings together Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), Building Owners, Public Safety and Wireless Industry stakeholders to ensure coverage for public safety wireless radios whenever a DAS network is deployed for commercial services.

A key recommendation is to require that DAS networks to accommodate public safety radio frequencies and developing an accredited certification program for technicians responsible for deploying DAS networks that serve Public Safety, Commercial Cellular, and Two-Way Radio.

Evidently, this initiative has legs. MissionCritical Communications covered the announcement which generated reader feedback (scroll down to “In Response to ‘Executive Calls for DAS Coalition for Public-Safety Indoor Radio Coverage'”):

Your news brief is absolutely correct — it is about sharing responsibility, eliminating obstacles and aligning interests so that we can make our community safer. The DAS Coalition is a positive approach to meeting this goal…

Paul Niemann
Niemann technology


I agree with and enthusiastically endorse the concept of a national radio technician certification program, combined with a reinstatement of periodic system inspection by such a technician…

A.V. (Lex) Rutter
Nampa, Idaho


Our presentation will explore the key issues and challenges in attaining universal indoor public safety radio coverage for first responders including liability and financial concerns as well as network management.

As we prepare, we’d enjoy the chance to weave your thoughts into our presentation. Just add your comments to the section below.

We’ll post an update at the conclusion of DAS in Action.

Thanks for reading!


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