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Big Ideas Spur Evolution and Revolution

By Mike Collado
May 4th, 2015

IMG_0997 14Last week’s Wireless Infrastructure Show continued – no, blew the roof off – the recent trend of events focused on forward-looking ideas and initiatives.

(See our last post for insights from the NEDAS “Peering into the Future” themed conference and the HetNetForum‘s “The Wireless Technology Roadmap: A Trip into the Future” panel at the ACUTA Annual Conference.)

Unlike more narrowly focused industry events, the PCIA conference is broad in scope and serves up big ideas around things such as:

  • Creating the Wireless Workforce of the Future
  • Expanding Human Possibilities through Cellular Technology
  • Empowering Public Safety
  • Densifying the Wireless Network Indoors, in Urban Areas and Rural Areas
  • Enabling Smart Buildings

All of which informs that big ideas require evolutionary and revolutionary change.

Certainly the technology is changing. Panels were filled with a  steady diet of LTE-U, 5G, virtualization, C-RAN, Digital DAS, Small Cells and WiFi.

Perhaps, more importantly, presenters repeatedly demonstrated that business models must also change, such as:

  • Workforce Training
  • Public-Safety Initiatives
  • Sharing of In-Building Costs
  • Development of Repeatable Processes for Small Cell Deployment
  • (Re-) Alignment of the Wireless Ecosystem Stakeholders

The wireless industry is innovating at a furious pace. It will be interesting to continue to observe.

Check out our tweets from the event!




Creating the Wireless Workforce of the Future Panel



Chris Stark (Nokia) Keynote



Big Ideas from Nokia Keynote



Nokia Keynote: Need for New Technology & Business Models



FirstNet’s Ed Parkinson



Proud to Sponsor the Wireless Infrastructure Show



Early Risers for the HetNet Forum’s Annual Breakfast Meeting



Mike and Lori from Hutton Communications (SOLiD Partner)



Eric from Graybar (SOLiD Partner)


IMG_4104 copy

Tearing it up at the PCIA Golf Outing: Brook Bascom (Smartlink, WWLF), Tim House (PCIA), Jason Nelson (FierceMarkets) and Mike Collado (SOLiD)


FullSizeRender 3

En route to the 19th Hole



Great Day on the Links!


IMG_4244 copy

Wildlife on the golf course!



Venue for the President’s Reception



Jonathan Adelstein Kicks Things Off at the Gala



Packed Crowd for the Gala



Playing for the Crowd!



On The Road Again

By Mike Collado
February 17th, 2015

IMG_0430To quote Big & Rich: Well we’re comin’ to your city…

(Or at least likely nearby!)

One of the things that energizes us the most is getting into the marketplace to meet with buyers and partners and to share thought leadership.

5G comes with the promise of fiber-like speeds. It also comes with the opportunity for new market leadership because infrastructure must be overhauled to accommodate capacity.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a wild ride.

Which is why events will remain an important and relevant vehicle to debate densification strategies and technologies.

For the latest listing of SOLiD events, please visit our website.

Here’s our calendar to-date:


agl_newAGL Regional Conference
2/18 – 2/18
Long Beach
Panelist: “Case Studies in Small Cells and DAS”

line space

logo no tagline

3/22 – 3/26
Exhibitor (Graybar)
line space

mwc 2015 logoMobile World Congress
3/2 – 3/5
Exhibitor: Hall 6, Stand L41
Presenter: “The Densification Toolkit Evolution & Revolution” & “Getting Clarity on Cloud-RAN”

line space

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.54.23 AMThe CIBET Initiative

3/9 – 3/13
Sponsor / Trainer / Exhibitor
line space
3/16 – 3/20
Las Vegas
Exhibitor (Hutton Communications, Booth #620)
Panelist: “Introduction to HetNets and Small Cells” & “A Study of In-Building Wireless”
line space
3/31 – 3/31
New York
Annual Sponsor / Exhibitor
Panelist: “DAS & WiFi – A Symbiotic Relationship”
line space
4/19 – 4/20
Panelist: “The Wireless Technology Roadmap: A Trip Into the Future”
line space
4/27 – 4/30
Hollywood, FL
Tee Box Sponsor: 11th Annual PCIA Golf Outing
line space
6/8 – 6/10/2015
New Orleans
line space
6/9 – 6/11

Playing it Safe in the Big Easy

By Mike Collado
August 6th, 2014

We’re fresh back from the heat and humidity of New Orleans which played host to the 80th APCO Annual Conference & Expo. Here are some of the highlights:


photo (5)

SOLiD and Hutton Communications presidents Seth Buechley and John Walker celebrate new partnership

APCO 2014 was a fitting place to announce our new partnership with Hutton Communications. The SOLiD portfolio – including the Quad-Band Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with support for 700/800 and 150/450 MHz – will be available to Hutton customers that deploy in-building wireless solutions to enable cellular and public-safety communications.



AGL Media’s Sharpe Smith explores the need for broadband public safety coverage indoors with panelists from PCIA, Safer Buildings Coalition, FirstNet and BICSI

With the bulk of emergency incidents occurring indoors and over 50% of emergency calls being made with a wireless device, the public safety industry is asking three fundamental questions: Can people communicate? Can people be notified? And can first responders communicate where the people are?

Chief Jeff Johnson (FirstNet board member), Jonathan Adelstein (PCIA CEO) and Phil Klingensmith (BICSI Master Instructor) joined Chief Alan Perdue of the Safer Buildings Coalition (SOLiD is a member) to explore how to overcome the challenges of ensuring public-safety communication which the panel agreed is a shared responsibility.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.45.57 AM

FirstNet board member Chief Jeff Johnson discusses the need for in-building public safety communications

According to FirstNet’s Chief Johnson, wireless is essential – not optional. In an interview with Urgent Communications after the panel, Chief Johnson looks to the market to design around an ecosystem which in turn will create an economic model for stakeholder participation.

(We missed seeing Donny Jackson this year and we wish you a speed recovery from survey! Learn more here)



SOLiD Public-Safety DAS

According to Safer Buildings Coalition executive director Chief Perdue, there is no “one size fits all” solution to ensure indoor public safety communication. Similarly, the industry is not in agreement on whether networks should be “blended” to support public safety and commercial cellular services on a single infrastructure or whether separate “parallel” networks should be deployed that are supported by solutions such as SOLiD’s quad-band700/800/150/450 MHz) solution which covers broadband and narrowband public safety services.


photo (6)

Lots of interest among attendees on addressing broadband coverage indoors


photo (7)

Packed room of AHJ’s at the SOLiD / Hutton cocktail reception. Honored to have hosted Pat Daniel, wife of the late Jack Daniel who pioneered the model NFPA and International Fire Code (IFC) codes requiring in-building radio coverage.



The calm before the storm…



Dixieland band at the APCO Block Party



When in New Orleans, it’s cafe au lait and beignets!



Saint Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square



The Steamboat Natchez


The iconic Crescent City Connection Bridge


The Buzz at PCIA 2013: The Evolution of DAS

By Mike Collado
October 15th, 2013

Evolution of DAS Panel with Dan Meyer (RCR), Jim Parker (AT&T), Ken Sandfeld (SOLiD), Greg Jacobs (Connectivity Wireless), Patrick Lau (CommScope) & Doug Lodder (Boingo)

A savvy restaurateur knows to never take the most popular dish off the menu.

In the case of PCIA’s 2013 Wireless Infrastructure Show, that dish is the “Evolution of DAS” panel session which once again drew a standing room only crowd eager to hear how current and emerging technologies are being – and will be – applied indoors and outdoors to enable wireless communications.

Truth be told, the session didn’t dwell on the past given the audience’s level of sophistication and experience. For a brief history, see our blog series which examines DAS then and now; the venue owner perspective; the carrier landscape; DAS OEM trends; and the pivotal role of system integrators.

Instead, the panel dove directly in to examine strategies for solving the issues highlighted in the opening keynotes:

  • the “Data Tsunami”
  • the quest for densification
  • enabling pervasive public-safety communications indoors and outdoors
  • delivering the above faster and more cost-effectively

With a panel consisting of AT&T which is investing big-time in Small Cells as part of the carrier’s Project VIP initiative and Boingo whose calling card is Wi-Fi, plus a contingent of DAS infrastructure OEMS and integrators, you’d expect some highly-opinionated opinions.

The panel – and audience – didn’t disappoint.

But in the final analysis, the PCIA event organizers did a very clever thing by composing the panel with DAS, Small Cell and Wi-Fi stakeholders – it drove home the reality that solving the aforementioned problems will be through a heterogeneous network or Het-Net approach where it’s not a winner-take-all choice between Small Cells, DAS or Wi-Fi but, instead, about choosing the right tool for the right job.

Which perhaps foreshadows that this wildly-popular session may likely be renamed the “Evolution of the Het-Net” in future PCIA event iterations.

SOLiD on the Evolution of DAS

SOLiD’s Ken Sandfeld met up with our friend Jeff Mucci at RCR Wireless News to talk about the Evolution of DAS prior to the start of the panel:



The Panelists Weigh-in

Watch the Evolution of DAS panel from PCIA 2013 covered by RCR Wireless News: