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The Gravitational Pull of FirstNet

April 3rd, 2014

IMG 0260 1024x764 The Gravitational Pull of FirstNetIWCE 2104 continues to demonstrate the gravitational influence of FirstNet in pulling together the public-safety and cellular industries.

(As evidence, iBwave, a company traditionally focused on the cellular industry, recently joined the Safer Buildings Coalition)

Sure, IWCE still skews heavily toward public-safety based on the the big booths from Kenwood, Motorola and Harris).

However, there is also a growing contingent of OEMs and SIs from the cellular world who are introducing new strategies such as small cells for solving both cellular and public-safety communications needs.

This trend is further reflected in multiple educational sessions that poignantly declared that a lack of indoor public safety communication could be a fatal flaw.

Robert LeGrande, the former CTO of Washington, DC, shared during the “Overcoming Hurdles to Ensure In-building Communications” panel hosted by the Safer Buildings Coalition (SOLiD is a founding member) that with the FirstNet public safety broadband network, the industry is at a revolutionary point of change and that it is vital not to leave buildings behind. (Watch Rob’s video interview from APCO 2013)

For more from IWCE, check out our Twitter feed from IWCE and see coverage in Urgent Communications.

And here’s what we blogged about last year.

What struck you as noteworthy this year at IWCE?


IMG 20140325 152425 500 576x1024 The Gravitational Pull of FirstNet

A sneak peek at our soon to be released public safety-only DAS solution


IMG 0272 1024x764 The Gravitational Pull of FirstNet

Ken Rehbehn (Yankee Group), Chief Alan Perdue (Safer Buildings Coalition), John Facella (RCC Consultants) and Robert LeGrand (The Digital Decision)


IMG 0275 1024x764 The Gravitational Pull of FirstNet

Team SOLiD


IMG 20140325 125251 141 1024x576 The Gravitational Pull of FirstNet

Elvis has left the building (as found in LVH)




Lessons from a Winemaker

January 30th, 2014

IMG 1810 1024x682 Lessons from a WinemakerWe had the chance to spend a day in Napa last week during our Annual Company Meeting where we met Tom Davies, President of V. Sattui Winery.

Aside from being a great host (check them out – fun wines, amazing Cheese Shop & Italian Deli, and stunning grounds), Tom is an insightful business leader whose stories about the winery were inspirational.

Four things resonated with our team…

Doing Things Differently

Tom likes to camouflage his business acumen by saying he’s a farmer. But it’s clear he and the winery are pioneers.

V. Sattui pioneered not only the wine tour experience – by being the first in Napa to invite the public to come to the winery and hang out on the property by providing picnic tables – but also the wine retail business – by establishing the first direct-to-consumer wine club.

Doing things differently is a key part of what makes SOLiD unique.

Such as tailoring the ALLIANCE distributed antenna system (DAS) around the requirements of building owners. Or warehousing products on-site and pre-configuring gear to fulfill orders within days (not weeks) and to simplify field deployments.


IMG 1780 1024x682 Lessons from a WinemakerDoing Whatever it Takes

Before the winery scaled and deployed modern technology, Tom helped cork bottles by hand.

SOLiD is no stranger to heroics. From getting on a plane to be on-site the next day to troubleshoot or racing to the airport with a part because we missed a freight cutoff, we’re committed to moving mountains for our customers.


Always Be Advancing

Tom describes a healthy paranoia of not letting the winery’s success distract from the hunger to advance.

Even though V. Sattui pioneered the direct-to-consumer retail model, the winery has continued to challenge itself to innovate and improve.

Similarly, although V. Sattui Director of Winemaking Brooks Painter was recently recognized as “Winemaker of the Year” at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the winery continues to push to safeguard from losing its edge.

In spite of our success at SOLiD, we’re energized every day to raise the bar by innovating technology, leading the industry with new initiatives, delivering “wow” to our customers, and working with the best and the brightest in the industry (we’re hiring!).


IMG 1791 1024x682 Lessons from a WinemakerBuilding a Wonderful Brand

Tom pinpoints Quality, Value and Service as key attributes of the V. Sattui brand and is dogmatic in protecting and preserving it.

At SOLiD, our brand is about Creativity, Honesty and Reliability.

Or, as the mnemonic that Dr. Lee offered our team:

  • S = Solid professionals
  • O = Open minds
  • L = Leadership
  • I = Integrity
  • D = Dream (about the future)


We look forward to applying these lessons from a winemaker to our business. Let us know how we’re doing.


IMG 1782 1024x682 Lessons from a Winemaker

IMG 1783 e1391098418262 682x1024 Lessons from a Winemaker

IMG 1785 1024x682 Lessons from a Winemaker

IMG 1794 1024x682 Lessons from a Winemaker

IMG 1815 1024x682 Lessons from a Winemaker

Expect Something Grand

January 29th, 2014

IMG 17791 1024x682 Expect Something GrandTeam SOLiD gathered in San Francisco last week to celebrate another record-breaking year and to focus on achieving our goals for 2014.

Like last year, there is much to be excited about.

We not only doubled our sales but we also doubled the size of our team!

A key milestone in 2013 was the move to our new U.S. headquarters which features a vastly expanded logistical center which enables us to lead the industry by fulfilling orders within days, not weeks. Additionally, the building hosts our SOLiD University training classroom – a state of the art learning center which provides customers and partners with hands-on, instructor-led training that utilizes the latest, proven training and retention techniques.

Throughout the year, we had the privilege to participate in notable projects such as the Phase I Launch of wireless service at the New York City Subway and to help lead industry initiatives such as identifying solutions for achieving public-safety communications inside large buildings.

Hands down, the most inspirational message was presented by Dr. Seung Hee Lee, CEO of our parent company in Seoul, Korea. In a brief history lesson, Dr. Lee explained that the Korean Lunar Year resets every 60 years and suggested a pattern…

In what he described as “the beginning”, Dr. Lee recounted that 1894 was a year for dramatic change that affected the course of history for Korea. 60 years later in 1954, the end of the Korean War ushered in a rebuilding from the ground up which has culminated in today’s modern Korea. Now, as we embark on the next cycle, Dr. Lee believes that we should expect “something grand” in 2014.

You bet we do!

IMG 1715 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

SOLiD President Seth Buechley Kicks Off the 2014 Company Meeting


IMG 1716 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

A Look Back at 2013


IMG 1722 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

Seth Buechley Welcomes SOLiD CEO Dr. Seung Hee Lee



IMG 1713 500x333 300x199 Expect Something Grand

Team SOLiD Listens Intently to the Presentation


IMG 1767 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

Whoa – There’s A Lot More Us Than Last Year!


IMG 1802 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

Hanging Out at V. Sattui Winery


IMG 1803 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

Sauvignon Blanc or the Cabernet?


IMG 1804 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

You Gotta Swirl the Glass…


IMG 1811 1024x682 Expect Something Grand

Tom Davies (President of V. Sattui Winery) Addresses Team SOLiD


A Hazard for Emergency Communications

December 18th, 2013

“If you can’t call us, we can’t help you.”

That’s the unfortunate reality many first responders face when they enter large buildings.

wjla1 300x168 A Hazard for Emergency CommunicationsWJLA TV recently explored this topic in Arlington, Virginia where SOLiD and Morcom International have been deploying Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions in county buildings to enable public-safety communications indoors:

The same technology making buildings stronger and safer could actually be putting lives in danger in an emergency. That’s because the buildings themselves interfere with emergency responders’ radios. Whether it’s police or fire, fast and clear radio communication can save lives. Arlington’s construction boom of new commercial and residential buildings has created big challenges for emergency responders. Powerful, state-of-the-art building materials often block radio communication, making it hard for police and firefighters to communicate during emergencies. Watch the video here.


We’ve long advocated for education, code adoption and incentives to advance the vision of achieving ubiquitous indoor public-safety communications. Donny Jackson at Urgent Communications concurs:

Having in-building systems that support first-responder communications throughout the nation would be a boon to public safety, because it would be easier to develop, practice and execute standard operating procedures when there is a similar communication environment in all locations. Given the relatively low cost associated with adding public-safety support to the cellular support that the market demands, now is an opportune time to implement the changes needed to make this happen nationwide. Read the full article here.


As a founding member of the Safer Buildings Coalition, we are pleased by the naming of Chief Alan Perdue as Executive Director to lead this industry group.

Safer Buildings is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy and education related to indoor communication issues, and brings awareness to solutions that will enhance indoor communications capabilities during emergencies for the general public and public-safety first responders. The shared vision among its members which include leading companies and organizations within the wireless and public-safety industries is to create safer buildings that possess advanced indoor public safety communications systems.

perdue 300x197 A Hazard for Emergency CommunicationsChief Perdue recently discussed the shared responsibility within the wireless industry to solve the problem with Urgent Communications:

Public-safety is something that needs to be solved and one that is not going away.  We see on the news everyday cases where communications – or the lack of thereof – was a problem in the outcome of the incident.  We can fix that.  Watch the interview here.


Safer Buildings is inviting leading companies and organizations within the wireless and public safety communities to join as charter members. Contact the Coalition to learn more by sending email to info(at)saferbuildings(dot)org.


In 2014, SOLiD’s president Seth Buechley will join Chief Perdue, John Facella (RCC Consultants) and Robert LeGrande (The Digital Decision) on the “Overcoming Hurdles to Ensure In-Building Communications” panel moderated by Ken Rehbehn (Yankee Group) at IWCE 2014.