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Telecom Space re-defined

By Seth Buechley
September 10th, 2010

By: Harish Vadada on 4Gwireless

Broadband is re-defining the way technology is being deployed and who is playing a major role. The operators of the yore like – AT&T, Verizon are slowly giving way to spectrum holding partnerships like – Clearwire, Harbinger, etc. Cellular services are getting commoditized and networks of the future will become dumb pipes, through which services instead of just voice and data will be optimally delivered based on tiered pricing and Quality of service. Pay per minute and pay per megabyte will become a delivery mechanism for many operators, as user habits keep changing. Subscribers have become content generators from content consumers with social networking and micro blogging; and with smart phones making a plethora of applications that make use of data pipes similar to PCs, the trend will only keep increasing.

The recent Harbinger deal with NSN to build out a $7 Billion dollar LTE network from an investment house has changed the rules? Is this a newcomer’s business plan a smart strategy or just another pipe dream? Will Harbinger’s LightSquared promise to build a nationwide LTE network covering 260 million people by year-end 2015 possible? There is a lot of controversy and skepticism in the market regarding that and a part of the reason may lie in the way LightSquared acquired its spectrum. After receiving a nod from the FCC to merge with mobile satellite firm SkyTerra in March, Harbinger revealed its plans to use a little-known FCC rule that allows mobile satellite spectrum holders to back up their satellite coverage with towers. The result is clearance to build a conventional ground-based terrestrial wireless network in conjunction with a satellite network. Under the current rules, all devices that LightSquared or its wholesale partners use will have to connect to the satellite network, which some believe will drive up the cost of devices and make it a niche.    see more at original post


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