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The Experts Weigh-In on Public-Safety – Part III

By Mike Collado
October 3rd, 2013

As most of us know, there’s been a shift in emphasis within the cellular world from solving the problem of coverage to solving the problem of capacity driven by users who increasingly consume more bandwidth through data-intensive applications and devices having bigger screens.

It’s predicted the same trend will occur in public-safety: the demand for capacity will increase as public-safety becomes more reliant upon broadband applications such as video.

And – like cellular – the same capabilities delivered outdoors via the macro or terrestrial network will be expected indoors.

The industry experts who participated on our panel sessions at the recent APCO International 79th Annual Conference & Expo (APCO 2013) agreed to share with TIA NOW anchor Abe Nejad strategies for applying wireless technology to ensure in-building communications for the public and first responders.

We heard from Jonathan Adelstein (PCIA and former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission) on the need for model standards for those who install and manage mission-critical public-safety DAS networks.

Robert LeGrande (The Digital Decision and former Chief Technology Officer of the District of Columbia) explored the importance of the business model to not only fund the deployment of public-safety DAS networks but maintain them.

Today, James Teel of Harris Corporation discusses the characteristics the FirstNet broadband public-safety network must address to be considered “public-safety-grade” and how those same standards must be met by the in-building network to support first responders.



We’ll wrap up our series tomorrow with an interview with Seth Buechley, SOLiD’s President and Founder of the Safer Buildings Coalition to hear how industry stakeholders including building owners, carriers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and industry groups and associations must come together to wrestle with the issues to make buildings safer by ensuring public-safety communications indoors.

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