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The Experts Weigh-In on Public-Safety – Part IV

By Mike Collado
October 4th, 2013

What is a Safer Building?

We believe it means having an in-building wireless communications network to enable the general public to be notified when there is an emergency and to be able to communicate with the outside world including emergency, police and fire. It also means that first responder radio systems work when they arrive at the emergency site.

So what’s holding back this vision?

Funding and liability issues appear to be the key impediments.

We find that adding public-safety to a cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is – all things considered – a nominal incremental cost in the 10% ballpark.

Liability is trickier because it potentially touches multiple stakeholders including the building owner, the DAS owner, the carrier and the Integrator who installed the system and likely maintains it as well.

In our final installment of video interviews from the APCO International 79th Annual Conference & Expo (APCO 2013) with TIA NOW anchor Abe Nejad, SOLiD’s President and Founder of the Safer Buildings CoalitionSeth Buechley – wrestles with the how to overcome these impediments.

Namely, the need for industry standards or best-practices for those who design, install, manage and maintain these mission-critical unified in-building networks.



Be sure to also watch the videos featuring our APCO panel of experts who graciously shared their strategies for applying wireless technology to ensure in-building communications for the public and first responders:

Jonathan Adelstein (PCIA and former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission).

Robert LeGrande (The Digital Decision and former Chief Technology Officer of the District of Columbia).

James Teel (Harris Corporation).

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