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The Future of Large Venue DAS Solutions

By Mike Collado
October 10th, 2011

Last week, we had the opportunity to share our vision for how technology will change how distributed antenna system solutions (DAS) are delivered at large campuses and venues as a presenter during The DAS Forum learning sessions at the PCIA 2011 Wireless Infrastructure Show.

While we were there, we caught up with Dan Meyer and RCR Wireless.


Large Venue DAS Today

As you know, the purpose of DAS is to take an RF signal and distribute it over a large area. It’s what makes your smartphone work so you can gloat to your brother about your seats on the 50 yard line on Game Day. And how your teenager can send a video from the Lady Gaga concert of her new BFF to her now old BFF.

The problem is that a today’s DAS deployment at a stadium doesn’t make efficient use of resources. It requires an enormous investment in infrastructure to support 70,000 fans on Sunday. But what happens on Monday when there are only a couple hundred smartphone users?


Large Venue DAS of Tomorrow

Future DAS solutions will be smarter and flexible. They’ll handle more data. Enable better use of network resources. And scale capacity up or down based upon use and need during peak and off-peak times.

At the core will be intelligent backhaul to centralize network management and lower operational expenditures.

SOLiD Digital DAS

SOLiD is developing the next-generation Digital DAS based on its patented ClearLight LASER™ optical transport tunable laser technology which can:

  • Virtually replicate existing fiber 16 to 32 times
  • Support long distances of over 60km  without regeneration or amplification
  • Eliminate the need for truck rolls and reduce commissioning times to minutes

Our vision for Digital DAS is one that will deliver improved scalability and better use of resources, as well as greater management, control and reporting of metrics.

Tell us what do you think – thanks for reading!

2 Responses

  1. Eli Fischer says:

    How far out do you foresee Digital DAS via ClearLight LASER to enter the marketplace?

  2. Mike Collado says:

    Eli, we’re not talking multiple years. Digital DAS will be reality in the not-so-distant future.

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