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The Middleprise: I’m Kind of a Big Deal

By Mike Collado
July 9th, 2015
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Source: Skyline Marketing Group

Our industry has been all a-twitter of late over the big and complicated “middleprise” opportunity within the in-building market.

In a summary of the recent DAS and Small Cells Congress, Joey Jackson and Sean Kinney (RCR Wireless) pronounced that “middleprise” is the new industry term for the enterprise market that is defined as venues having 100k to 500k square feet and where neither conventional DAS nor Small Cells are optimal solutions.

From across the pond, David Chambers (ThinkSmallCell) observed that “the most exciting segment is the “Middleprise” large enterprise and venues.”

Jim O’Gorman (Communications Engineering LLC) declared that “the DAS market is in migration: Tier one venues those greater than 1 Million square feet like stadiums, arenas and large college campuses are nearing the saturation point – integrator and carrier are now considering DAS for smaller footprint environments. We’re currently in Tier 1.5 about 500 K to 1 M square feet; but moving to Tier 2 roughly 100 K to 450 K.”

John Celentano (Skyline Marketing Group) crunched the TAM to find that “Tier 2 represents the next wave of IBW deployments. Buildings in the 100,000-500,000 square foot range represent the sweet spot for IBW systems… This segment is estimated at a lofty $19 billion.”

We at SOLiD agree that the middleprise is a big deal.

At DAS Congress, we had the privilege to spend time with industry experts including Earl Lum (EJL Wireless Research); Bob Johnson (Duke University); Nazim Choudhury (iBwave); and Chief Alan Perdue (Safer Buildings Coalition) to wrestle with the challenges that uniquely manifest in the middleprise such as the technology toolkit; business models; design and infrastructure; and public-safety.

Here’s a video of what we found out:



In our next posts, we’ll take a deeper dive into the middleprise challenges and opportunities.

For more coverage, check out these articles from AGL and RCR Wireless.

Hear what others are saying and join in the discussion at the Middleprise In-Building Wireless Forum group on LinkedIn.

What are the biggest challenges for enabling the middleprise?



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