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The Rise of the DAS Integrator

By Seth Buechley
June 24th, 2010

Over the last several years the wireless industry in the U.S. has seen the elevation of a highly specialized category of service providers – DAS Integrators.   DAS Integrators are tasked with understanding the technical merits of each of the leading DAS solutions and selecting the one that fits the need of each project.  With significantly more RF engineering resources than a typical “installer” working with bi-directional amplifiers, DAS Integrators step in as the “responsible party” for the deployment of large, complex multi-carrier DAS systems.

Nearly all multi-carrier DAS deployments involve a long list of project stakeholders including building owners, facility departments, low voltage consultants, electrical contractors, IT departments, and at least one or two engineers from each of the wireless service providers or public safety agencies delivering services over the DAS.   Therefore, in addition to the engineering challenges, a DAS integrator must also possess strong project management skills to serve as the traffic cop to throughout the design, installation, and acceptance testing of the DAS solution.

Post-deployment services, or Managed Services, as they are coming to be known, present another growing requirement in the in-building space.  DAS owners, whether carriers or building owners, are generally not set-up to efficiently monitor, maintain, or support multi-carrier DAS solutions.  They don’t have the time and in some cases don’t want the liability of managing a DAS with several carriers or public safety on it.  DAS Integrators are making great strides in developing programs, NOC capabilities, and even SLA’s to deliver these Managed Services for the DAS systems they deploy.

It takes a specialized skill-set to design, deploy, and support the multi-carrier DAS solutions being deployed today and picking a DAS Integrator with the depth of resources to offer the entire breadth of services is critical for success.  SOLiD Technologies has partnerships with the leading DAS Integrators US,  so if you need a referral don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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