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Welcoming the New Frontier: In-Building Wireless

By Seth Buechley
May 18th, 2010

“Fortunes are made when cannonballs are falling in the harbor, not when there is dancing in the ballroom.”

Those of us fortunate enough to be active in the in-building wireless space know that we’ve been waiting for this moment for an awfully long time. We see the pressure smartphones place on the leading wireless networks, we see public safety moving from an afterthought to a major business driver, and we see new services (LTE) rolled out over new spectrum (700 MHz) effectively hitting a reset button on in-building solutions in the market.

In many ways this is the Wild West and we get to be the pioneers. This is also a place where the first people to hit the uncharted waters have an opportunity to be the ones making the charts. Those that innovate and lead can have a great impact on this undefined space.

“The Inside Story” blog is a place for informed info, opinion, and maybe a little debate about all the things that make the in-building wireless space such an exciting sector.

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