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We’re All Living on the Edge

By Mike Collado
March 14th, 2016

When we started blogging about densification in late 2010, both the industry landscape and vocabulary were significantly different. Heck, we didn’t even use the word “densification”.

Much has evolved over the last five-and-a-half years…


Which is why – as we stated in our last post – that it seems necessary to update our the name of our blog to better convey the SOLiD’s role within the wireless ecosystem.

(Insert drumroll here…)

Welcome to Living on the Edge.

Why this name? Put simply, the edge is where we spend our days working, playing and living.

Here’s why it’s apropos: the macro cellular network is not designed for life at the edge. Which means that enabling communications at the edge requires solutions and strategies that deliver coverage and capacity from the edge of the carrier core network to the building (indoors) or pole (outdoors) and ultimately to the handset.

We call this Edge Densification. And SOLiD possesses the portfolio and experience to provide these complex solutions that include Fronthaul and Backhaul for C-RAN and Base Station Hoteling strategies; Passive Optical LAN as a building block for RF and IP inside the building; and next-generation amplifier-radio solutions for distribution of RF indoors and outdoors.

At Mobile World Congress, we joined our friends Nick Marshall (ABI Research), Chris Jaeger (BAI Communications) and Ray LaChance (ZenFi Networks) to discuss Edge Densification with TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad. Check out our videos for a primer on Edge Densification!


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