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We’re Movin’ On Up!

By Mike Collado
April 1st, 2013

For most, the thought of moving is akin to having a root canal: it’s to be avoided it at all costs.

In an office move, there are many stressors and challenges in-between the time you shut down the former location and open the new facility.  Typically the drill looks like this… you close down on Friday afternoon and work all weekend to be ready for Monday morning.

It’s then that you discover that – oops – the security keycards won’t let the team into the office. The WiFi doesn’t work. The whiteboard for the conference room didn’t get installed. Or – horribile dictu – the Keurig didn’t get hooked up!

Not Us, We’re Psyched!

Not everyone gets to experience the unique privilege of being part of team that’s dynamically propelling the growth of a young company. Much less the thrill of moving from temporary, shared office space into a facility that’s been built-out and decorated just for their company.

Gone is the feeling you’re a guest in someone else’s house.

Instead, it’s our reception area. Our conference room. Our break room…

Heart of Silicon Valley

This morning, as we pulled up to 617 N. Mary Avenue in Sunnyvale, California, we’re pumped. It’s a new milestone for SOLiD.

(By the way, the move has gone swimmingly well!)

SOLiD U.S. Headquarters

We’re looking forward to embracing its creativity and energy. And becoming an active part of the community.

Stay tuned as we schedule an Open House once we get through our busy calendar of conference speaking and exhibition commitments.

Room to Grow

SOLiD’s U.S. Headquarters provides plenty of room for our local employees and other team members who will frequent the facility.

The building triples our former warehouse and logistical space! With an expanded area for system configuration and order fulfillment, we’ll continue to lead the industry by fulfilling orders within days, not weeks.

SOLiD Products are Warehoused On-Site


SOLiD DAS Solutions Enroute to a "Major League" Stadium Project

We’ve also invested in a live demonstration showcase and SOLiD University™ training classroom just for our customers and partners. Our commitment is to create the gold standard for training and service excellence. The SOLiD training center provides hands-on, instructor-led training that utilizes the latest, proven training and retention techniques.

SOLiD University Classroom

Your Turn

Have you participated in a similar move? Tell us about it!

SOLiD University Classroom Build-out Timeline





Drywall's Going Up


Almost There



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