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What We Heard on Day #1 at DAS Congress

By Mike Collado
May 22nd, 2012

DAS Congress

From the opening bell, presentations at the 5th Annual DAS Congress signaled that much has changed – and continues to change – within the Distributed Antennal System (DAS) industry.

As SOLiD’s president, Seth Buechley, observed, DAS has reached adolescence – a period of “disorientation and discovery.”

In other words, change. And let’s be honest, sometimes change can be abrupt and messy.

Here’s what we heard…

Data Growth – But How Much?

Make no mistake about it, DAS is no longer about voice coverage. It’s all about data capacity.

That was the message from Joe Madden from Mobile Experts.

How much? The oft-used hockey stick graphic tells the story. Huge growth.


Bandwidth Growth


So much so that the macro network can’t support peak times of wireless usage.

And it’s going to get worse, according to Iain Gillot of iGR. New mobile devices are changing wireless habits by encouraging users to “sit, view and browse”.

Which also challenges a macro network that was designed users passing through them.

Small Cells & Backhaul

Small cells are emerging as an effective way to augment the network to handle those capacity peaks.

But, small cells won’t work without adequate data throughput. In other words, backhaul.

Think of backhaul this way. It’s akin to having five bars but being dead in the water waiting to stream a YouTube video.

No doubt, backhaul is fast-becoming a part of the DAS vocabulary.


No, not acquisitions – that was last year.

We’re talking about aligning stakeholders and technologies.

One key area is the convergence of DAS and Public Safety as a pragmatic way to ensure coverage for first repsonders inside buildings.

Another trend is the not-so-distant convergence of WiFi and DAS Networks into a single, scalable and intelligent network.


Tell us what you heard at DAS Congress that caught your attention.

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