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Wrap-Up from the Canadian Wireless Trade Show

By Mike Collado
September 24th, 2012

Those of you who follow this blog may recall the first road trip post was from Toronto in 2010. We’ve been quite active in the Canadian market since that time with some initial successes and lots of lessons learned.

We recently joined Alliance Corporation, a non-exclusive distribution partner, at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show. I had the chance to co-present with our Sales Director, Dennis Rigney, for a main presentation we named “What You Need to Know About DAS Right Now” on the final afternoon of the show.  The session was attended by key operators, distributors, system  integrators, and a competitor or two.

Here’s what we’ve learned…

First, the incumbent operators are steadily moving towards DAS, even though there has not yet been a mad dash to mainstream DAS deployments.

To wit, our largest project to date, the Powerade Centre, is a full multi-operator system led by Wind Mobile, a company that didn’t hit the market until 2010 and now has more than 500,000 subscribers.

We were also surprised to learn that some systems integrators in Canada are discouraged from providing DAS systems directly to enterprise customers. Meaning, operators may resist plugging into the DAS if they haven’t performed the DAS design themselves and defined if the system will be single operator or multi-operator.

We expect to see this trend reversed over time. But it is ironic to see companies serving as system integrators without in-house design engineers or modeling tools – considering iBwave was innovated in Canada.

In general, we were tremendously excited with the opportunities that exist in the Canadian market. Changes in consumer data usage and building owner requirements, including public-safety, are driving the operators to use DAS as a key network topology.

And, like always, working with our growing list of partners in the region, the first people to the uncharted waters are making charts for those that will follow.

What trends are you seeing in the Canadian Wireless and DAS market?


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