The Middleprise market is the next challenge for densification.

You’ve probably heard the stats…80% of all mobile calls originate indoors, mobile data will explode 10X by 2021 and in-building wireless networks will approach $20B in just a few years.

What’s behind these numbers?  The “Middleprise” market.  Commercial venues that range from 100K to 500K SQFT that represent all types of construction, tenants and market verticals and  with less than a 2% penetration its poised to serve up big opportunities.  But no matter how we approach it, the Middleprise, and all of its opportunity, gets complicated fast. Finding your way to a successful deployment requires venue owners to establish a strategy that address 4 key deployment obstacles: Ownership and Funding, Design and Infrastructure, The "Toolkit" Approach and the ever present wild card - Public Safety – all need to be defined for each and every venue. Need to take a deeper dive into the Middleprise?


 The Technology Toolkit presented by Earl Lum at EJL Wireless Research


Funding and Ownership Models and Strategies presented by Bob Johnson at Duke University


 Network Design and Infrastructure presented by Nazim Choudhury at iBwave


Meeting Public-Safety Communications Mandates presented by Chief Alan Perdue at Safer Buildings Coalition