The new Enhanced BIU (eBIU) is the latest addition to SOLiD’S ALLIANCE product line and features integrated POIs for maximizing services supported while minimizing headend rack space.


Considering the growth of small cell technology, the eBIU is ideally positioned for blending both high and low  power POI modules in the same chassis, making your system solutions that much more competitive.

• 60% less rack space than legacy designs

• Increased Power Handling & Capacity: Supports up to 16 services @ 20W per port in 4RU chassis

• Small Cell ready with Low Power POI (LPOI) option for supporting -10dBm to +20dBm input levels

• 4.3-10 Connectors for best PIM performance

• Supports all standard commercial bands including the newest 2300, 2500, AWS3, and FirstNet bands.

• Integrated AC or DC power supply options

• Support for both simplex and duplex feeds from BTS equipment

• QMA Test Ports for convenient commissioning and monitoring

• Improved Alarms interface with user defined input/output modes

• Integrated combiner for cascaded BIU Scalability


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