ALLIANCE Multi-Carrier DAS


We've delivered tens of thousands of DAS units worldwide, all of them providing the best price/power ratio the industry has to offer.

The fact is, SOLiD's high-power output requires less hardware and, therefore, costs less than comparable systems, while delivering superior performance. Our solutions support all public safety and cellular services from 150/450 radio to 2.5TDD, with just one strand of fiber to each remote.

Talk about flexibility: 1W, 2W, 5W and 20W NEMA-rated remote units can be integrated with a common head-end, giving you more control and more options for every DAS deployment.

Our unique modular design lets you buy what you need now, and then cost-effectively expand and upgrade your network in the future. 

The value continues with features like our rugged, yet compact, remote units that comply with the NFPA and IFC fire codes and NEMA 4 requirements, at no additional cost. Plus, SOLiD's solutions feature the most precise filtering available in DAS systems on the market. This eliminates interference issues and permits simple load balancing among all your cellular services. Combine that with the most up-to-date system management and control software available on the market today, and it becomes clear why SOLiD is considered one of the leading RF systems manufacturers in the world.

It's why the world's biggest service providers, stadiums, subways, and building owners consistently choose SOLiD. SOLiD solutions increase revenue, reduce risk, and improve the customer experience.