EXPRESS Single-Carrier DAS

express DAS

SOLiD EXPRESS Single-Carrier DAS is engineered to meet the needs of wireless carriers across multiple frequency bands.

EXPRESS single-carrier Distributed Antenna System (DAS) efficiently delivers wireless signals into buildings, campus environments, or any locations that are difficult to cover with traditional outdoor macro networks. EXPRESS is designed for cost-effective deployment, rapid commissioning and simplified management of in-building wireless service to meet the needs of a single wireless provider across multiple frequency bands.

EXPRESS is both flexible and sophisticated to support SISO as well as MIMO configurations. EXPRESS makes efficient use of building fiber – typically using just one fiber to connect a building. And like the ALLIANCE DAS system, SOLiD’s multi-carrier DAS solution, EXPRESS is durable so it can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Plus its small footprint design requires minimal space.

By greatly improving in-building RF coverage, the EXPRESS system allows service providers and enterprise locations to deliver high-quality mobile voice and data services at any site in a building or campus environment. The system can be used to cover both public institutions and private facilities, including:

  • Shopping malls

  • Hotels

  • Corporate and university campus areas

  • Airports

  • Clinics

  • Subways

  • Multi-use stadiums and convention centers

The Express DAS platform serves two primary market segments: first as a carrier deployed coverage enhancement product for their specific frequencies and second as a low cost, public safety / single carrier product. 

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