More and more, a connected world with IoT and Smart devices is triggering exponential needs for data. In the wirelessly connected world, however, no matter what technology finally reaches the end user, it all has to be fed by fiber. SOLiD creates simple and efficient optical transport network solutions that increase the capacity of existing fiber deployment. The solutions that serve mobile fronthaul and backhaul are also perfect solutions for Gigabit broadband access networks.



INFINITY ACCESS™ Tunable Optical Access Platform

INFINITY ACCESS™ unlocks network capacity within an existing fiber plant to achieve economics of scale, reducing CAPEX and OPEX by creating simple and efficient optical access networks.

Using patented INFINITY TUNABLE LASER™ on top of wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), INFINITY ACCESS™, unlike other passive optical network (PON) technologies, provides independent channels of traffic over fibers while maintaining PON’s simplicity and cost-effectiveness through the use of fully passive remote nodes.

Each independent channel is capable of carrying Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and/or CPRI/OBSAI up to 10Gbps which makes INFINITY ACCESS™ a perfect fit for evolving access infrastructures, including Hetnet and Super Broadband.

Supports multiple topologies

Automatic wavelength tuning through patented INFINITY TUNABLE LASER™ technology

Capacity expansion up to 128 channels (256 λs)

Serves both mobile and business networks; active in CO & passive in field

Suitable for access networks




Metro/Backbone ROMEO-8000™

ROMEO-8000 is SOLiD's Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) product for the long haul and metro transmission applications.

ROMEO-8000 delivers optical add/drop and wavelength switching functionalities for eighty channels at each node, and provides a Graphic User Interface (GUI) management system for link connection of all network and data traffic as well as network reconfiguration. The management system can support various network configurations and optimal end-to-end paths with one-click provisioning.


Low power consumption in compact form factor

Supports up to 80 DWDM channels in a 20-slot chassis; scalable up to 7 Tbps

Suitable for Metro/Backbone network with distance over 100 km (10G)





CWDM PLUS/MAX is SOLiD’s passive WDM solution that supports either 2X (PLUS) or 6X (MAX wavelengths within a single conventional CWDM wavelength window. Using this technology, the maximum available number of wavelengths can be 36 or 108, versus 18 of a conventional CWDM.

CWDM PLUS/MAX is composed of SFP transceiver modules and passive optical filter modules designed for modular capacity expansion and a variety of network configurations. CWDM PLUS/MAX delivers CAPEX and OPEX efficiency by increasing wave length density and providing configuration flexibility for greenfield as well as existing brownfield CWDM transmission plants with the appropriate combination of transceivers and filter modules.

Since there is no requirement for network equipment or CWDM plant replacement, a carriers’ network capacity can be expanded by simply adding the appropriate passive optical filter modules and replacing the SFP transceiver modules.


Simple & innovative CWDM-based passive solution

Scalable and cost-effective - 2X(PLUS) or 6X(MAX) wavelengths in conventional CWDM band

Suitable for Access network