We Offer RF Amplifier, RF Radio, and Optical Networking Solutions To Deliver Coverage In Today's Most Challenging Environments - Yes, Including Yours.

Keeping People Safe and Connected in a Rapidly Changing World

With the increasing popularity of wireless devices, mobile operators’ customers expect to have coverage anytime, anywhere.

This capability requires them to increase network capacity, which is typically done by adding new cell sites. However, with urban areas becoming more congested and local government zoning regulations increasingly more stringent, obtaining permits for new wireless cell sites is becoming nearly impossible. Extending service to these hard-to-reach areas can provide challenges. SOLiD’s wireless solutions improve both coverage and capacity in high-demand and hard-to-reach locations.

SOLiD is revolutionizing the way people communicate through our high performance and scalable solutions for wireless networking. From extending fiber reach, to increasing indoor and outdoor coverage and capacity, to providing high-speed wireless backhaul, wireless service providers consistently look to SOLiD for reliable solutions that increase revenue, lower churn and improve customer satisfaction.