SOLiD is changing the way the industry looks at in-building wireless and approaches to signal source delivery:

A Multi-Operator Signal Source Solution

Reduces the Cost of Signal Source Equipment

Shifts Ownership of Signal Source Equipment

Flexible, Managed, On-Demand Capacity

A Win/Win-WSP/Building Owner Relationship

SOLiD GENESIS is rethinking the flow of supply and demand, and empowering building owners to invest in their own properties to serve their customers in full cooperation and partnership with the world’s wireless service providers. From the SOLiD GENESIS Radio Access eXchange (RAX) to the innovative SOLiD GENESIS MARKETPLACE model, GENESIS is the solution for the MIDDLEPRISE: a new strategy for economics, equipment, connectivity, operations, and everything in between.

The SOLiD GENESIS platform is built on a “supply meets demand” model that balances investments and risks equitably between the Building Owners and Wireless Service Providers.

It’s a totally new approach to in-building wireless where the Building Owner outfits their properties with affordable, new generation DAS solution, including the signal source component. It’s a 180 degree shift in ownership that enables building owners to enter into agreements with wireless service providers to provide their signal to the building’s DAS. In turn, wireless service providers increase their capacity while reducing their cost, yet they maintain the visibility and control they require. Both players win, and both get better results at far lower cost than ever before.


The Middleprise is ready. You are ready. It’s a new beginning for in-building coverage and capacity, It’s SOLiD GENESIS.