Is Your Network Keeping Up With Demand?

SOLiD Solutions For Enterprise Connectivity

A wave of new data and voice applications will require ever-increasing speed and capacity from your enterprise network. Are you ready to keep pace?

Fiber optic networks connecting buildings, which once promised endless room for growth, are becoming exhausted by the flood of new wireless data services and cellular traffic from Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployments. And solving fiber exhaustion by pulling additional fiber lines or leasing dark fiber is expensive and delays ROI.

That's where SOLiD can help. Our DAS and Optical Network solutions allow you to do more with existing fiber, delivering mix and match capacity for RF, SONET and Ethernet services:

  • SOLiD solutions increase the bandwidth capacity of your fiber optic infrastructure by leveraging patented multiplexing technology.
  • SOLiD DAS solutions require only one fiber to support eight remote units and deliver cellular coverage up to 400,000 square feet.
  • SOLiD Optical Network solutions reclaim up to 31 fiber strands per line. You can consolidate existing services on fewer strands or add new services without new fiber.
  • SOLiD DAS and Optical Network solutions deliver reduced capital and operational expenses.
  • Pre-configured DAS components and zero-touch auto-provisioning of Optical Network gear maketurn up a snap.
  • SOLiD Professional Services ensure optimal design and deployment as well as peace-of-mind network maintenance, monitoring, and expert support.

All of which is why marquee business customers depend on SOLiD.