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Live From Duke University: Business Models and Strategies for Campus DAS Deployments

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Cellular connectivity on a college campus is a foregone conclusion in the mind of this year’s incoming freshman class, not to mention mom and dad’s expectation of phone calls home, anytime, anywhere. But for the college or university, the requirement can be a daunting and seemingly unsolvable puzzle. Duke University recognized the requirement and the challenge early and today has one of the best campus wide DAS networks in the country. So, how did they do it? This webinar will explore just how Duke University set out to achieve their goal and in the end delivered a Duke Owned/Carrier Funded network that met with the approval of all parties involved. Webinar attendees will hear first-hand what worked, what did not, and why …

  • Evaluate all technical approaches to determine the best solution. oDAS iDAS
  • Carriers are willing to fund and not own the DAS network
  • Teaming not always an option
  • 3rd party models offer financial and industry benefits if ownership isn’t an issue.
  • Ownership is key to service coverage.

Content for this webinar has been tailored for campus administrators, campus IT, venue owners and Middleprise players looking to create a model in which they own their DAS and still create an attractive, carrier friendly DAS network.

Presented by Frank Destito, SOLiD Director of Enterprise Accounts, and Bob Johnson, Duke University Senior Director of Communications Infrastructure and Global Strategies

Frank Destito is SOLiD’s Director of Enterprise Accounts and Strategies. In this role, he is responsible for developing Enterprise strategy and developing national Enterprise and Strategic accounts. 

Frank has over twelve years of DAS experience. In that time he developed innovative funding and ownership models. He was instrumental in developing the “Duke Model” used to achieve Duke's DAS ownership. Frank has customized this model to secure funding for stadiums, arenas, malls, healthcare facilities and headquarter campuses. 


As Duke’s Senior Director of Communications Infrastructure and Global Strategies, Bob Johnson is responsible for the converged communication infrastructure (voice, video and data communications) across Duke's domestic and international footprint, as well as the continued progression of Duke's global IT strategies. 






Technical Considerations for Deploying Efficient Hybrid Indoor and Outdoor DAS

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An often overlooked aspect of campus and large venue DAS deployments is the need to provide both outdoor and indoor coverage for a venue. This seemingly simple requirement presents additional challenges for the designing engineer, the installation crews and the carrier.  Like any challenge there is a right way and a wrong way to solve the problem. This webinar will outline these specific challenges and offer solutions as well as some little known secrets to overcome:

  • Signal propagation management and macro network interference
  • Modeling to fine tune designs and properly assess equipment to efficiently increase coverage
  • Aesthetic and access challenges in selecting equipment locations to ensure maximum performance

Content for this webinar has been tailored for RF engineers and designers, service and product leads, installers and integrators and whether you are a wireless carrier, neutral host or 3PO, a venue owner or VAR, attendees will walk away with:

  • Practical RF design knowledge that you can use today
  • Insight into the Best Practices from experienced RF DAS professionals
  • First-hand experience of the latest modeling and design tools and network equipment to deliver the perfect Indoor/outdoor hybrid DAS network.

Presented by Lakshmin Thiagarajan, SOLiD Director of Sales Engineering, Design & Training, and Jim Heffner, TEMS Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Lakshmin Thiagarajan comes with over 9 years of DAS design and deployment experience and has experience with both the OEM and the integrator side of the business. He currently leads up the RF design and RF training groups at SOLiD and is a SME in the industry. He has extensive experience with high capacity venue deployments and optimization.




Jim Heffner comes with 16 years of DAS experience from Design, Deployment, Maintenance and Product Development with Wireless Service Providers. He has diverse national experience on many coverage and capacity challenges in design and optimization. He currently supports iBuildNet software for the Americas and is a SME in custom RF application.





Public-Safety DAS: A new imperative for building owners

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In-building public safety networks are a hot topic. Fire codes are now including specific requirements for properties across North America and are being enforced jurisdiction by jurisdiction. The bottom-line is that these networks will save lives and increase the first responder’s performance responding to emergencies. It’s a requirement that is past its due. It’s today’s Public Safety Imperative.

This webinar has been created for contractors, building owners, architects and engineers, property managers and integrators to provide valuable insight into the requirements of these in-building wireless networks. You will hear firsthand interpretation on the latest code requirements and how they will affect you and your building and your business.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • The basics of the public safety in-building technology
  • How the codes are created and enforced
  • Who to partner with and where to find solutions
  • The impact of code on design and solution selection

The Imperative is here. Take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead of the requirement and understand the challenges ahead. 

Presented by Bob Murray, SOLiD Director of Strategic Accounts, and Eric Toenjes, Graybar Business Development Manager

In his role as Director of Strategic Accounts, Bob Murray defines and executes SOLiD’s distribution strategy and public safety focus in the U.S. and Canada. Bob is responsible for some of the company’s largest public-safety projects, including Stanford, Sutter Health, Providence Health, Amazon, Nintendo, and many other marquee projects. He possesses more than 15 years of experience in the wireless industry, with 7 years focused in the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) market. Prior to joining SOLiD, Bob focused on wireless security technology for devices used by our military in the Middle East. Bob is a member of several APCO chapters as well as the Safer Buildings Coalition. 


Eric Toenjes, MBA, Business Development Manager, Mobility at Graybar, is responsible for working with manufacturers, system integrators, contractors, neutral hosts and sales teams to bring best-in-class mobility solutions to Graybar’s end user customers and logistics solutions for those channel partners.  He has many years of experience in the wireless market through work with cellular carriers and system integrators, providing solutions to end users and carriers alike.  He works with organizations like the HetNet Forum and Safer Buildings Coalition to understand issues facing building owners, influence codes and help develop an understanding of business drivers behind the solutions.