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The road to 5G leads to a flexible Fiber-to-the-Edge infrastructure. SOLiD GENESIS DAS leverages an all fiber architecture to open new market segments, expand property technology applications and introduces the MIDDLEPRISE to a simple, easier-to-deploy DAS deployment.

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We provide our services and solutions to a number of industries including commercial properties, transportation, stadiums & arenas, healthcare, and more.

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SOLiD Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our support system packages including monitoring, remote problem correction, on-site repairs and other important features.

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SOLiD Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

SOLiD has built a design program to meet the demands and needs of the fast-paced wireless industry.

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SOLiD Certifications

Training & Certification

Do you want to know how to commission a SOLiD system, understand the math and signal flow in a DAS?

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SOLiD has an extensive collection of informative videos. Visit our video wall or webinar page to see more!

SOLiD In-Building 5G Updates at VZTUF 2019

Jeff Mucci, CEO & Head of Industry Insights, RCR Wireless News speaks and Ken Sandfeld, President of SOLiD discuss fiber to the edge solutions for middleprise and enterprise, and more at VZTUF 2019.

In-Building Wireless: The SOLiD Perspective

Ian Gilott, President of IGR speaks to Ken Sandfeld, President of SOLiD to discuss in-building wireless and the ecosystem of vendors required to build, deploy and support a successful in-building wireless system.

In-Building Wireless: CBRS, DAS, Wi-Fi, and MulteFire

On this NMG panel are Ken Sandfeld (SOLiD), Joel Lindholm (Ruckus),  Akshay Sharma (neXt Curve) and Kishore Raja (Boingo) discuss the demand for seamless mobile coverage and capacity indoors.