SOLiD Training Webinar, July 11, 2018

SOLiD Vex Files – A Comprehensive Update and Review

The SOLiD Design team presents a virtual session on the latest vex files that have recently been launched. The vex has been given a refresh to maintain the intuitiveness and ensure that all parts and specifications are up to date, making designing with SOLiD easier and more accurate.

SOLiD Mindshare Webinar, April 26, 2018

Accelerating Middleprise In Building and DAS Solutions

SOLiD’s Hitesh Kshatriya, Cheytec’s Ed Myers, and AT&T’s Jon Morris deep dive into the SOLiD and Cheytec partnership, how it benefits the end-user, and the issues this partnership solves for AT&T.

SOLiD Mindshare Webinar, February 20, 2018

Designing with SOLiD using Ranplan

SOLiD’s Lakshmin Thiagarajan and Ranplan’s Jonathan Rowney and Darren Hart, will provide an introduction and overview into the Ranplan Wireless design software tool followed by a demo on how to create an actual in-building design using SOLiD components.

SOLiD Mindshare Webinar, November 9, 2016

Public-Safety DAS: A new imperative for building owners

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In-building public safety networks are a hot topic. Fire codes are now including specific requirements for properties across North America and are being enforced jurisdiction by jurisdiction. The bottom-line is that these networks will save lives and increase the first responder’s performance responding to emergencies. It’s a requirement that is past its due. It’s today’s Public Safety Imperative.

This webinar has been created for contractors, building owners, architects and engineers, property managers and integrators to provide valuable insight into the requirements of these in-building wireless networks. You will hear firsthand interpretation on the latest code requirements and how they will affect you and your building and your business.

SOLiD Mindshare Webinar, October 26, 2016

Technical Considerations for Deploying Efficient Hybrid Indoor and Outdoor DAS

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An often overlooked aspect of campus and large venue DAS deployments is the need to provide both outdoor and indoor coverage for a venue. This seemingly simple requirement presents additional challenges for the designing engineer, the installation crews and the carrier. Like any challenge there is a right way and a wrong way to solve the problem. This webinar will outline these specific challenges and offer solutions as well as some little known secrets to overcome…

SOLiD Mindshare Webinar, October 12, 2016

Live From Duke University: Business Models and Strategies for Campus DAS Deployments

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Cellular connectivity on a college campus is a foregone conclusion in the mind of this year’s incoming freshman class, not to mention mom and dad’s expectation of phone calls home, anytime, anywhere. But for the college or university, the requirement can be a daunting and seemingly unsolvable puzzle. Duke University recognized the requirement and the challenge early and today has one of the best campus wide DAS networks in the country. So, how did they do it? This webinar will explore just how Duke University set out to achieve their goal and in the end delivered a Duke Owned/Carrier Funded network that met with the approval of all parties involved. Webinar attendees will hear first-hand what worked, what did not, and why…

Editorial Webinar: Outdoor DAS and Small Cells (Case Studies)

Each outdoor deployment is a learning lab for operators and vendors, and this report digs into the specifics of site acquisition, network design, equipment selection, installation and testing. Metro deployments that are in both the planning phase and the installation phase are discussed, as are stadium deployments. In detailing these deployments, RCR Wireless includes discussion of several themes that are important to the development of outdoor densification solutions. These themes include the role of neutral host providers, the quest for multi-operator small cells, the importance of antenna selection, and the factors that determine an operator’s total cost of ownership and ROI.

Evolution and Revolution: Densifying the Network Indoors through DAS and Small Cells

A free webinar hosted by Alliance Corporation.