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Benefits of In-Building Wireless Solutions

SOLiD responds to the demand for in-building wireless coverage and capacity with industry-leading flexible distributed antenna systems (DAS). SOLiD’s in-building wireless solutions meet the essential needs of customers by providing seamless wireless connectivity for mobile devices.

The comprehensive SOLiD portfolio of in-building wireless infrastructure solutions offers built-in RF intelligence and flexible architectures to fit every facility, large or small.

In-building wireless solutions have evolved over the years. Building owners have realized the importance of in-building wireless connectivity. But in-building wireless can be complex and you need to take into account many considerations from selection to implementation.

Our in-building wireless solutions meet the essential needs of customers by providing seamless wireless connectivity for mobile devices everywhere.

SOLiD is the leader in cellular in-building and public safety infrastructure. Our wireless solutions provide law enforcement, public safety agencies, and building patrons with a highly secure way to stay connected with the vital information they need at the time of an emergency.
SOLiD’s in-building coverage solutions deliver a high-quality signal that facilitates voice and data communications. Your employees get:

  • Full mobile coverage with optimum data performance
  • Connectivity throughout the facility, not just at their desks
  • Ubiquitous coverage through all wireless operators

SOLiD’s communication solutions help to usher in this new era of connectivity. Its high-performance, cost-effective, secure and scalable in-building wireless coverage adds essential value in diverse places, including high rises, stadiums, hospitals and hospitality venues.


SOLiD’s solutions also address key requirements cross the emerging Middleprise – medium to large enterprises. Many of these businesses require in-building coverage solutions, but their local wireless providers will not pay for it due to an insufficient ROI. Such enterprises must install their own in-building wireless solutions to achieve the communication quality and convenience they need to succeed.

SOLiD’s in-building coverage solutions are eminently scalable and easy to deploy. SOLiD’s in-building cellular wireless solutions are also “enterprise IT-friendly”, in part because they are readily installed and easily maintained by your enterprise. They deliver maximum performance at diverse venues everywhere:


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