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Today is an Evolution. The Future? A Revolution.

One thing is for sure…the wireless market is changing. And with change comes disruption and the opportunity for new entrants. We believe that the market will experience not only evolution but also revolution in strategies for densifying the network.

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SOLiD Evolution, Revolution

With the arrival of LTE, customer demand for video, as well as more intense data usage, operators around the world are now looking for solutions to minimize the infrastructure cost but support data-centric requirements. A complete range of services from 2G to 5G need to run alongside each other in a wireless ecosystem where spectrum is optimized and quality of service is paramount. At SOLiD we believe this will require a toolbox approach to the network.
The toolbox contains densification tools that are both evolutionary and revolutionary – a combination of new and improved DAS and SmallCells with the addition of C-RAN and Optical LAN. These revolutionary tools are changing the way we think about networks and utilized for optimized capacity and coverage.
Everyone loves a great debate…The wireless industry has pitted DAS against Small Cells and in the process, it’s difficult to separate the truth from the hype. As a rule of thumb, we believe that DAS to be ideal for very large installations while Small Cells are ideal for smaller applications. But that leaves a big gap in between. We believe that unique characteristics speak to case by case solutions or – even more interesting – to a hybrid approach.
Regardless of the approach, the wireless industry must densify the existing macro networks to address the impending data crunch and enable future services such as VoLTE.


80% of all mobile calls originate indoors, mobile data usage will grow 10X by 2021 and millions of sqft of real estate without cellular coverage.

What’s behind these numbers? The “Middleprise” market. Commercial properties that range from 100K to 500K SQFT that represent all types of buildings, tenants and market verticals and with less than a 2% penetration it’s poised to serve up big opportunities. It’s also a market defined by challenges and no matter how you approach it, the Middleprise, and all of it’s opportunity, gets complicated fast. SOLiD not only defined and coined the MIDDLEPRISE market, we are focused on developing in-building technology that solves the unique market challenges: Ownership and Funding, Design and Infrastructure and signal source economics.

SOLiD not only defined and named the MIDDLEPRISE market, we are focused on developing in-building technology and solutions that solves it’s unique market challenges: Ownership and Funding, Design and Infrastructure and unbalanced signal source economics and the relationships building owners, their tenants and wireless service providers. These challenges require an evolutionary change in signal source technology and a revolutionary approach to the signal source business model.



“We need to make very sure indoor public safety communication doesn’t get left behind. In a lot of ways, it’s the last mile… It is an imperative that the industry come together and solves for indoor public safety communications.”

It’s the reality of the time. Our safety is reliant on our ability to communicate whenever and wherever and for the growing majority this also means communicating via our trusted cellular connection. But what happens when that outside cell signal can’t make it inside, where 80% of wireless communication takes place?

In-building public-safety communications is a growing concern for the general public, first reponders and building and property owners as new building and fire codes begin to hit the street. It’s this holistic thinking around public safety communications that was the genesis of The IMPERATIVE.

SOLiD is a member of the Safer Buildings Coalition. To learn more, visit and download more material below:

The Imperative BrochurePublic Safety Brochure


Watch Safer Buildings Coalition Chief Alan Perdue (Ret.) present the in-building public safety wireless communication Imperative while on the panel for the FCC’s Distributed Antenna Systems and Small Cell Workshop: