SOLiD Middleprise


SOLiD coined the term to identify a market segment comprised of customers large enough to invest in enhanced in-building wireless, yet too small to attract an in-building wireless investment from major carriers.
Businesses and organizations in the Middleprise market typically occupy 100,000 to 500,000 Sq ft of space.
Absent infrastructure investment by major carriers, those in the Middleprise market must install and maintain their own DAS systems. In-building wireless solutions improve productivity, satisfy visitors and enhance property values.

Middleprise Market Challenges

When it comes to in-building wireless, unique challenges confront the Middleprise market in several areas:

  • Ownership and funding
  • Design and infrastructure
  • Signal source economics

Three facts make the case for advanced in-building wireless solutions:

  • Eighty percent of all mobile calls originate indoors
  • By 2021, mobile data usage will grow 1,000 percent
  • Enterprises occupying many millions of Sq ft lack proper wireless coverage

In fact, only about two percent of commercial properties have deployed the in-building wireless solutionsthey need now or in the near future. Still, occupants of buildings, stadiums and other structures operate more mobile devices than ever before. At the same time, wireless data usage is increasing exponentially.


SOLiD seeks innovative wireless solutions that address the dilemmas faced by mid-size enterprises. For example, SOLiD Genesis DAS delivers an evolutionary change in signal source technology and a revolutionary change in the signal source business model. How can those in the Middleprise overcome in-building wireless challenges?

  • First and foremost, by partnering with an in-building wireless specialist. SOLiD’s hardware and software deliver reliable service along with an attractive ROI. After the installation, SOLiD’s ongoing maintenance and training ensure long-term performance. Scalable systems deliver expanded capacity exactly when it’s needed.
  • The Middleprise includes diverse commercial properties with different buildings, tenants and market verticals. Innovative DAS providers like SOLiD are poised to install and maintain the enterprise wireless systems needed to successfully serve these important constituencies.
  • By partnering with SOLiD, enterprise wireless customers deliver the data speeds and capacities that today’s tenants, workers and visitors now expect. Astute businesses that make the right in-building wireless investment stand to improve employee morale and productivity, tenant services and visitor satisfaction.